About the Mäder Group :

Belonging to a Group with a history, ambition and sound bases: innovation, competence and respect for the environment and the safety of teams.
Consistency between the Group's values and aims on both production site and international levels.

Employée de Mäder
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Our services



Still from the perspective of the closest possible approach to the requirements of its end users, MÄDER COLORS offers training sessions in the application of its products to its distribution network and professional painters. These sessions are either held in the sales outlet or on our premises. They are scheduled by our sales network and our laboratory.

Roue chromatique

Stylisation and Design

To adhere as closely as possible to market trends, our colour charts are regularly revised and integrated into our colourmetric system. This wide palette of shades enables us to match any shade on the market. The immediate updating of our customers' shade production machines enables them to have an offering in line with current taste to satisfy the most demanding of customers.

Technical assistance


In the context of the partnership developed with our Professional customers, we provide them with a shade production machine and all the tools needed to prepare a shade at the point of sale. This partnership comes with a maintenance contract in which we agree to update the colour charts and maintain the machines to guarantee total satisfaction to our customers.